Nowadays, some of us should be playing a game almost every day. Playing games can give us relaxation and it can help us forget about the problems we face. There are many advantages we can get and if we are a good one, we can be professional gamers. However, one of the favorite genres that people usually play is a shooter game. There are available a lot of best shooter games we can easily download and play. 

Shooter games can give us pressure and also increasing adrenaline hormone. As a result, our body will feel great, increase our focus, and also speed up the response. But still, the shooter games should be played under the control. Not too much because it can disturb our brain system and lead to addiction. Here are some of the best shooter games you should try!

1. Call of Duty

This is one of the most famous shooter games we can highly recommend for you. Call of Duty is the kind of 5 vs 5 multiplayer games where you will face other players there. The game will bring you to some area and you should plant the bomb or kill all of your enemies. However, you can also play battle royal mode and try to survive from other 99 enemies.

2. Player Unknown Battlegrounds (PUBG)

If you want to try playing one of the best shooter games with a great graphic, you should try this one. Not only the graphic but PUBG also offers you the massive island and thrilling experience against the enemies. Besides, PUBG also allows you to play alone in solo mode or team up. Tencent as the developer always brings new things like maps or weapons to this game.

3. Critical Ops

Critical Ops is the kind of best shooter games but only offers you a great experience in the first-person mode. This mode will let you see the whole maps from the character’s eyes. As a result, you can feel the real experience like it is in front of you. Critical Ops offers some different modes like bomb-defusing and deathmatch.

4. Modern Strike Online

When you want to feel a thrilling experience when you play a game, Modern Strike Online offers you all of them. You can play this game with another player over the world here. However, you should be leveled up if you want to try some modes inside this game. It does not like another game but you will get different challenges to open other modes.

5. Guns of Boom

Getting bored with the real-life adaptation in the shooter games? Then you should know about Guns of Boom, one of the best shooter games in the world. However, this game is different from other games because you will get a colorful cartoon character. Just like not too serious but once you jump into the battlefield, you will get a thrilling experience. The matches on this game are almost the same, it is about 4vs4 player but on the colorful map.

So there are some of the best shooter games you should ever try in your life. It may look so simple but it is important to drive out your boring. Which game that can be your favorite? Remember the time to take a rest and do other things while playing a game.