Android is a new technology that offers many features to human lives. With many advantages, android can make any activities easier. However, you can play games on the android phone to kill your boring. There available so many games were online or offline. Most of the game genres is a war game. You can easily find many best war games for android offline or online.

The war game will give you a thrilling experience and make your heart beating. However, there available many developers that will serve you good games with great graphic. If you want a game that needs an internet connection then you can find an online game. But you can also find an offline game without need any internet. In this article, I will try to give you some of the best war games for android offline.

1. Gun War: Shooting Games

This is the first of the best war games for android offline I would recommend it to you. This game has a storyline where zombies are invasive in one area. After that, the army couldn’t stay silent and they start to move in the name of humanity on their shoulders. You can start your strategies to kill the enemy and lead the team to victory.

However, this game has over 124 different shooting missions. On the other hand, the graphic of this game was amazing with many scenes. You will never feel bored with this game because you can use more than 50 different weapons. Above all, this game is also offers you different maps with a different landscape. Play this game and feel the high-tension war by yourself.

2. World at Arms

It is the other best war game for android offline you can play. However, you need to build and raise your army to face an invasive army, KRA. That enemy is trying to take over another country all over the world. That’s why you need to stop them as soon as possible. 

One of the best features that World at Arms offers to you is great graphics and animations. You can play with many different weapons and build the newest war technology for your army. Upgrade your facilities to the maximum level and make great strategies to face KRA and protect your country.

3. Battle Empire: Rome War Game

Battle empire has a roman era as the background and main ideas. This game will make you as the author of one country. You can control everything on this game like build a city and manage every resource. On the other hand, you should make your city get the profit because you should buy some resources to grow.

Not only the building but you can also control the army. Another feature in this game is you can grow up your army and then take over others. Maybe this just a basic game where you should use your brains to make a strategy. But, it can give great experience to plan something outside this game.

Those are the top 3 best war games for android offline you can install on your phone. Don’t forget to take your body rest because games can make you addicted. Play those game wisely to kill your boring, not to spend your time. I hope this article can help you to find the right games for you.