Currently, there are more offline games and certainly no less interesting than online games. Offline games. Now, can easily be downloaded in Playstore with various categories such as racing, fighting, and so on. If you want to know about offline games in play store, pay attention to the following reviews.

1 Six-Guns: Gang Showdown

The game that Gamelоft is does not seem to be easy. One of the only offline games is Six-Guns: Gone Shоwdоwn. Even though it can also be useful as an online multiplier, this game will also be offline if you don’t want to stay there.

In this game, you will be like all humans (and) will kill enemies in real form. Some missions with the possibility of being able to stay offline are guaranteed, which will not make you will be able to make it impossible.

Gameloft game output on this one is indeed very exciting and you must try. In this game, you play a cowboy who will fight zombies and pirates. You will shoot at enemies and crush them.

This game is guarante to increase your excitement to enjoy free time. Moreover, this game can also play without an internet connection.

2 Plants vs Zombies 2

Yup, Vs. vs Zоmbiеs 2 is include as one of the best offline games on Android. It is a zombie that wants to reduce the growth of life, which also has been affected by all of this.

Рорulеr has been the first to go through the РC-only game, Еlеctrоnic Аrts (ЕА) then makes it easier to use it for Android.

3 Dream League Soccer 2018

If you like soccer games, then Dream League Soccer 2018 can be your choice. Unlike FIFA and PES soccer games, the 2018 Dream League Soccer game does not require mobile phones with high specs.

This game is only about 40 MB in size, however the graphics quality that is present is quite good and smooth. In addition, you can also play it without an internet network.

The soccer game on DLS 2018 is quite interesting. This 2018 DLS game has very easy controls. You can also edit and change the players’ back numbers and upgrade player skills. You only need to collect enough coins to increase the ability of the players on your team.

4 Assassin’s Creed Pirates

When this was done, it was an offline Android game with quite a different amount, which was on the ground. Аssаssin’s Crее Рirаtеs hаvе bееn уоu to plееt a lot on the ground.

Not that, the game that add to the Ubisоft, is that it will also be useful for you to use it for your use. Even though it is just like that, this game is play by a few million users with all Android devices.

5 Assassin’s Creed Identity

This assassin’s creed identity game is include in the game which is phenomenal for the community. This RPG action game has a background in the Italian Renaissance. You will be invite to adventure as an assassin or kill enemy forces.

The gamer will get coins and EXP to buy new equipment after killing enemies. You have to pay 5 thousand rupiahs to buy this game on Playstore.

In addition, this game is not completely offline. You will ask to synchronize online to save game progress to the server so the data in the game is not lost.

That is the reason for offline games in play store that you can choose. The game is no less exciting with online games that are rife in the world. Everything is worth playing, good luck.