The news about the release of new games may be the happiest moment of gamers’ life. That also works for gamers who play Nintendo Switch. Any news of the new release game can make their eyes brimming with happiness. And this year there are many new Switch games that come out. So, what are the new Switch games that get the most attention? Here is the list:

new switch games that came out

1. Animal Crossing: New Horizon

Animal Crossing needs to wait for seven years to make the new version of it come out in public. For you who love the town-building game with cute animal characters, March may feel so long. That’s right. Animal Crossing: New Horizon is will come out in March 2020. 

This game revolves on how you build a town from scratch. You will come to a deserted island and that’s the beginning of your life to establish a community. Like the previous version of Animal Crossing, you also will do classical activities such as shaking trees, catching fish and, etc. Not only that, but you also can craft tools and furniture using the materials you’ve collected. Well, can’t wait for the release, isn’t it?

2. Doom Eternal

Another one of the Switch games that come out is Doom. The latest Doom is so vicious and wild, but Doom Eternal may provide you something new. Its new traversal mechanics may shock you. In this Doom Eternal, there will be more options for your combat approach. The new element of this game also includes the enemy hit parts as you can inflict damage to the part of the enemy’s body. 

The developer seems to want to differ Eternal Doom with its previous version while maintaining the ripping and tearing demons that fans love the most. However, there is no announcement about the releasing date.

3. Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition

Do you like the Devil May Cry series? Then the news about Devil May Cry released in Switch may excite you. In the Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition, you can switch the fighting style between swordmaster and gunslinger. You can also develop and improve the style you decide before throughout the action of Dante. 

Devil May Cry 3 Special edition will tell the story of Dante after the event of the first game. Like in the previous game, Dante will venture the-suddenly-appeared-giant tower in the town. however, it turns out that the tower is a portal to the Demon World that is opened by Vergil, Dante’s brother. This game will release in February 2020.

4. Gods and Monsters

From the creator of Assassin’s Creed, now releasing a new game, Gods and Monsters. Although has the same share as Greek mythology, this game is slightly different. In this game, you will explore the vast world and do your best to survive in it. What you need to do is defeat the most vicious monster known as Typhon with the power bestowed from gods’ Olympus.

With the painterly arts, Gods and Monster will entice you to play it. However, you may have to wait a little longer to play this game as there is no exact date when it will release.

You may wait for the new Switch games that come out as there are a lot of interesting games. But do not worry, some of these games will release soon. Then you can play them till you’re bored.