Zombie games has always been a favorite game for many people because it is fun and challenging. Even though the characters may be a bit scary, but the game itself is not scary at all. There are plenty of zombie games that people can play online or offline. Some of the best games zombie hunter are the most favorite games that people play. Despite the long level, people enjoy the challenges in the games

Offline and Online Zombie Hunter Games

People can choose whether to play the best games zombie hunter online or offline. Playing online can make you play against other people from around the world. On the other hand, playing offline can be more comfortable because you don’t need an internet connection to play. If you are wondering what kinds of games to play, here are the top ones that are recommended:

1. World War Z

Playing games online and with a group of friends is always the best way to have fun. Hunt zombies with a group of friends by playing World War Z. Here, zombies will be coming crashing the street, house and the whole city. Now before the city is all crushed players will have to hunt them down. In this game, people will have to hunt up to thousands of zombies in each level of the game. Therefore, make sure to fill up your bullet before running out. 

2. Dying Light: The Following

Taking the countryside as the background, in this game people will have to hunt zombies while driving. Yes, not like other games where you walk and hunt. But in this game, you can kill and hunt the zombies by crashing into them. There are some places that you won’t be able to use cars, therefore you will have to use weapons provided. 

3. Urban Dead

One of the most and best games zombie hunter is the Urban dead which is available only for PC. In this game, people will have to help other survivors to run away from the zombies. However, people will have a limited lifetime to let the survivors go. When your life is up, then your chance to rescue the others are smaller. So, make sure to control your lifetime well enough to save the others. 

4. State of Decay 2

This is a better version of the first version of the State of Decay. Just like the game before, people will have to survive from the zombies in the city. People can run away from the city by doing a task and killing them at once. The game is more fun when you play in groups with your friends or strangers from around the world. 

5. Resident Evil

This is also one of the most popular zombie game there is in 2019. The hunting zombie game in this game is modern and challenging to play even for the experts. People will have to survive until the end of the level by killing zombies. Once they reached the end, they will continue to the next level and get more features. 

So, if you get bored, play some of these best games Zombie Hunter that can be played by PC or phone. To make it more fun and interesting play the games online, therefore, you can go against other people. However, make sure your internet connection can support your game until the end.