Games Online For School To Upgrade Students’ Skills

As the teachers, you have to be creative to attract your students’ attention. Once you win their interest, you can easily teach them and manage the class. One of the media you can use is an online game. Perhaps you are in doubt choosing this media. You are afraid the students enjoy playing instead of focus on the class. Don’t be worry because here we have games online for school as your reference.

Games online for school

If you understand how to use gadget wisely, you will know that not all online games give bad influence and addiction. Today many developers concern about education, thus, these games online for school are absolutely safe to play. You can also recommend these games to the parents. So their kids don’t download random games unless the ones that can boost their skills.

1. Mr Nussbaum

Make the class session more interesting by playing Mr Nussbaum game. This game is good to learn math and language. As a teacher, you can give an assignment just like through the whiteboard. You set this game in the computer lab and let the students finish the game. The students don’t only enjoy the game, but also there is fun reading material they have to finish. Also, they can print out their certificates to show their achievements.

2. Poptropica

Do you remember Jeff Kinney, the author of Diary of a Wimpy Kid? He created an adventure game called Poptropica. Your students will come into the virtual world and explore many islands of Poptropica. Through the storyline, the player will know some facts about the history and other information. Problem-solving skill is something that will be learned here. Because they have to solve a unique mystery and find the answer.

3. Funbrain

This game can be given for a student at preschool until grade 8. There are a lot of interactive games to boost skills in math and language. This game is more fun because they can read popular kids’ books, such as Amelia Writes Again, Brewster Rocket, and many more. Until now, this game is still developed to give more and more fun activities.


This game is suitable for an elementary student to learn math and language art. You don’t have to question this game anymore because all the contents inside already approved by teachers and educational practitioners. Also, some trusted parties are contributed here, such as Apple, Fox News, until The New York Times.

5. Sheppard Software

This game was Brad Sheppard’s creation. Sheppard Software allows you to access hundreds of online educational games and materials. Surprisingly, those are free for everyone. You can choose the game based on various categories. So it eases teachers and parents to introduce one subject. All games inside gain the kids’ curiosity and challenge.

In this era, all teachers, parents, and educational practitioners should be open to all opportunities, including the usage of the online game. Playing games doesn’t only make the kids become more creative, but also upgrading their skills in a fun way. Games online for school are good to try. It is worth it as the ice-breaking to make learning process keeps interesting.

Top 3 Best War Games for Android Offline You Should Try!

Android is a new technology that offers many features to human lives. With many advantages, android can make any activities easier. However, you can play games on the android phone to kill your boring. There available so many games were online or offline. Most of the game genres is a war game. You can easily find many best war games for android offline or online.

The war game will give you a thrilling experience and make your heart beating. However, there available many developers that will serve you good games with great graphic. If you want a game that needs an internet connection then you can find an online game. But you can also find an offline game without need any internet. In this article, I will try to give you some of the best war games for android offline.

1. Gun War: Shooting Games

This is the first of the best war games for android offline I would recommend it to you. This game has a storyline where zombies are invasive in one area. After that, the army couldn’t stay silent and they start to move in the name of humanity on their shoulders. You can start your strategies to kill the enemy and lead the team to victory.

However, this game has over 124 different shooting missions. On the other hand, the graphic of this game was amazing with many scenes. You will never feel bored with this game because you can use more than 50 different weapons. Above all, this game is also offers you different maps with a different landscape. Play this game and feel the high-tension war by yourself.

2. World at Arms

It is the other best war game for android offline you can play. However, you need to build and raise your army to face an invasive army, KRA. That enemy is trying to take over another country all over the world. That’s why you need to stop them as soon as possible. 

One of the best features that World at Arms offers to you is great graphics and animations. You can play with many different weapons and build the newest war technology for your army. Upgrade your facilities to the maximum level and make great strategies to face KRA and protect your country.

3. Battle Empire: Rome War Game

Battle empire has a roman era as the background and main ideas. This game will make you as the author of one country. You can control everything on this game like build a city and manage every resource. On the other hand, you should make your city get the profit because you should buy some resources to grow.

Not only the building but you can also control the army. Another feature in this game is you can grow up your army and then take over others. Maybe this just a basic game where you should use your brains to make a strategy. But, it can give great experience to plan something outside this game.

Those are the top 3 best war games for android offline you can install on your phone. Don’t forget to take your body rest because games can make you addicted. Play those game wisely to kill your boring, not to spend your time. I hope this article can help you to find the right games for you.

The Best Games Zombie Hunter to Download

Zombie games has always been a favorite game for many people because it is fun and challenging. Even though the characters may be a bit scary, but the game itself is not scary at all. There are plenty of zombie games that people can play online or offline. Some of the best games zombie hunter are the most favorite games that people play. Despite the long level, people enjoy the challenges in the games

Offline and Online Zombie Hunter Games

People can choose whether to play the best games zombie hunter online or offline. Playing online can make you play against other people from around the world. On the other hand, playing offline can be more comfortable because you don’t need an internet connection to play. If you are wondering what kinds of games to play, here are the top ones that are recommended:

1. World War Z

Playing games online and with a group of friends is always the best way to have fun. Hunt zombies with a group of friends by playing World War Z. Here, zombies will be coming crashing the street, house and the whole city. Now before the city is all crushed players will have to hunt them down. In this game, people will have to hunt up to thousands of zombies in each level of the game. Therefore, make sure to fill up your bullet before running out. 

2. Dying Light: The Following

Taking the countryside as the background, in this game people will have to hunt zombies while driving. Yes, not like other games where you walk and hunt. But in this game, you can kill and hunt the zombies by crashing into them. There are some places that you won’t be able to use cars, therefore you will have to use weapons provided. 

3. Urban Dead

One of the most and best games zombie hunter is the Urban dead which is available only for PC. In this game, people will have to help other survivors to run away from the zombies. However, people will have a limited lifetime to let the survivors go. When your life is up, then your chance to rescue the others are smaller. So, make sure to control your lifetime well enough to save the others. 

4. State of Decay 2

This is a better version of the first version of the State of Decay. Just like the game before, people will have to survive from the zombies in the city. People can run away from the city by doing a task and killing them at once. The game is more fun when you play in groups with your friends or strangers from around the world. 

5. Resident Evil

This is also one of the most popular zombie game there is in 2019. The hunting zombie game in this game is modern and challenging to play even for the experts. People will have to survive until the end of the level by killing zombies. Once they reached the end, they will continue to the next level and get more features. 

So, if you get bored, play some of these best games Zombie Hunter that can be played by PC or phone. To make it more fun and interesting play the games online, therefore, you can go against other people. However, make sure your internet connection can support your game until the end. 

Chess Game With Animation: Exciting And Fun To Play

Chess is a game to sharpen the brain. Players must develop strategies to win the game. Along with the changing times, chess games are not only played directly with the board. Many game companies make chess game innovations with a touch of animation. The following is a chess game with animation that fun and exciting.

1. Battle Chess

In 1988, Interplay Entertainment created a game with a chess theme called Battle Chess. This game is quite unique because every character in this chess will fight each other when capturing opponents. The rules of the game are still the same as traditional chess games so that players still have to set strategies to win the game.

Interplay Entertainment Company also made sequels to this game including Battle Chess: Game of Kings for the PC version, Battle Chess II: Chinese Chess, and Battle Chess: Game of Kings part 3. Therefore, Battle Chess becomes one of the chess game with animation that inspires other chess animation games.

2. Star Wars Chess

In 1993, The Software Toolworks made a chessboard game with a Star Wars theme. This game also has the same gameplay as the classic chess game. It’s just that this game uses characters in the Star Wars movie to fight.

Mindscape published this game in 3 versions, namely for MS-DOs, Windows 3.x, and Sega CD. Surely this game is quite liked by Star Wars movie fans. Now this game can be played online and it’s free.

3. Auto Chess

The next chess game with animation is auto chess. Drodo Studio developed this game and released it in January 2019. This game is a strategy game with a chess theme. The characters in this game are very funny that will attract the attention of players.

This PC game can be played online with 8 other players. Of course, players can experience playing chess with friends directly. This game is available for several platforms such as Microsoft Windows, Linux, and Macintosh.

4. Chess Rush

This game is specifically made for the Android platform. Tencent games published this game in 2019 and have only just entered the game world.The rules are the same as traditional chess games except that each character has their own strengths and weaknesses.

Players also have to adjust the strength of their character to be able to win the game. This game has an adorable Shiba Inu icon. But the other characters are strong and stout monsters. To play this game simply download it in the Playstore. Chess Rush is one of the most popular chess game with animation.

5. Battle Vs Chess

The next chess game is Battle vs Chess. This game combines battles using chess. TopWare Interactive and Targen Games released this game on May 17, 2011.

Battle vs Chess can be played on several platforms such as the Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows, Nintendo DS, Playstation Portable and Wii in Europe. Same with other chess game animations, this game has its own unique character.

Those are some of the most popular chess game with animation. Each game makes its own distinctive character to be more remembered by players. Of course, this game will make chess fun and interesting game.

The Recommendation of Offline Games in Play Store

Currently, there are more offline games and certainly no less interesting than online games. Offline games. Now, can easily be downloaded in Playstore with various categories such as racing, fighting, and so on. If you want to know about offline games in play store, pay attention to the following reviews.

1 Six-Guns: Gang Showdown

The game that Gamelоft is does not seem to be easy. One of the only offline games is Six-Guns: Gone Shоwdоwn. Even though it can also be useful as an online multiplier, this game will also be offline if you don’t want to stay there.

In this game, you will be like all humans (and) will kill enemies in real form. Some missions with the possibility of being able to stay offline are guaranteed, which will not make you will be able to make it impossible.

Gameloft game output on this one is indeed very exciting and you must try. In this game, you play a cowboy who will fight zombies and pirates. You will shoot at enemies and crush them.

This game is guarante to increase your excitement to enjoy free time. Moreover, this game can also play without an internet connection.

2 Plants vs Zombies 2

Yup, Vs. vs Zоmbiеs 2 is include as one of the best offline games on Android. It is a zombie that wants to reduce the growth of life, which also has been affected by all of this.

Рорulеr has been the first to go through the РC-only game, Еlеctrоnic Аrts (ЕА) then makes it easier to use it for Android.

3 Dream League Soccer 2018

If you like soccer games, then Dream League Soccer 2018 can be your choice. Unlike FIFA and PES soccer games, the 2018 Dream League Soccer game does not require mobile phones with high specs.

This game is only about 40 MB in size, however the graphics quality that is present is quite good and smooth. In addition, you can also play it without an internet network.

The soccer game on DLS 2018 is quite interesting. This 2018 DLS game has very easy controls. You can also edit and change the players’ back numbers and upgrade player skills. You only need to collect enough coins to increase the ability of the players on your team.

4 Assassin’s Creed Pirates

When this was done, it was an offline Android game with quite a different amount, which was on the ground. Аssаssin’s Crее Рirаtеs hаvе bееn уоu to plееt a lot on the ground.

Not that, the game that add to the Ubisоft, is that it will also be useful for you to use it for your use. Even though it is just like that, this game is play by a few million users with all Android devices.

5 Assassin’s Creed Identity

This assassin’s creed identity game is include in the game which is phenomenal for the community. This RPG action game has a background in the Italian Renaissance. You will be invite to adventure as an assassin or kill enemy forces.

The gamer will get coins and EXP to buy new equipment after killing enemies. You have to pay 5 thousand rupiahs to buy this game on Playstore.

In addition, this game is not completely offline. You will ask to synchronize online to save game progress to the server so the data in the game is not lost.

That is the reason for offline games in play store that you can choose. The game is no less exciting with online games that are rife in the world. Everything is worth playing, good luck.

The Top Three Online Games Emulator That Famous Today

The emulator is a program that allows computer users to use other operating systems on these computer devices. By using an emulator you can also play Android and PC games. The following is a list of the most popular online game emulator today.

1 Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds or better famous as PUBG is now in its golden age. This online game with battle royale genre involves 100 players in a tight battle to be the last player to survive at the end of the game.

PUBG games focus entirely on large-scale survival gameplay. Many things must be done to get a chicken dinner, ranging from tactics between players to race to collect loot, weapons and also protection to finish off opponents without experiencing difficulties.

When players start the game, they will jump from an airplane and use parachutes to various locations to loot. A white circle indicating the playing zone will appear and must follow into the circle. The PUBG play zone will update and shrink when the circle time reaches 0. 

Players who are outside the white circle (play zone) will bleed and die. then the white circle will shrink continuously and make all the remaining players in the final circle to fight it out. this is to be the last player and win a chicken dinner.

2 Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Mobile Legends is a game developed and released by Moontoon developer. This game can play on the Android and iOS mobile platforms. This one MOBA game succeeded in stealing the attention of gamers since 2016. This game is played by 10 people who are divided into 2 teams.

The game starts with each player choosing 1 hero from the list of heroes that can be accessed by the player. The available heroes are heroes that have been purchased. The heroes are being ‘loaned’ for free to players by the system.

In other words, not all heroes can directly play. The duration of the game is around 15 minutes for 1 round. The main objective of the game is to destroy the opponent’s base. There are 3 main lanes in the map, namely the middle, top, and bottom lane.  Each lane is guard by a turret that will attack enemy units automatically.

Each lane also has a ‘barrack’ building which if destroyed will make the opponent’s creep/minion stronger.

3 Fortnite Battle Royale

Fortnite can say to be the main competitor and with gameplay similar to PUBG. Fortnite has just finished its first world cup with Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf as the ultimate winner, and took home the 42 billion prize!

Released in 2017 by Epic Games, this game makes it interesting with the gameplay and graphics that are carried. Fortnite Battle Royale has a standard format for the battle royale genre, where 100 players will enter a large arena. Where the last person who survives will be declared victorious.

After the game starts, you will board a plane that will take you to the battle arena. You will see your character do a free fall through a parachute. This is your starting point for survival to begin. You are free to navigate yourself to choose where to land.

That’s a list of the most popular and best-selling emulator online games in the world. And the game is the most hits at this time throughout 2019 to play on PC and also Android. Which game have you ever played? Certainly very pleasant, right?