As the teachers, you have to be creative to attract your students’ attention. Once you win their interest, you can easily teach them and manage the class. One of the media you can use is an online game. Perhaps you are in doubt choosing this media. You are afraid the students enjoy playing instead of focus on the class. Don’t be worry because here we have games online for school as your reference.

Games online for school

If you understand how to use gadget wisely, you will know that not all online games give bad influence and addiction. Today many developers concern about education, thus, these games online for school are absolutely safe to play. You can also recommend these games to the parents. So their kids don’t download random games unless the ones that can boost their skills.

1. Mr Nussbaum

Make the class session more interesting by playing Mr Nussbaum game. This game is good to learn math and language. As a teacher, you can give an assignment just like through the whiteboard. You set this game in the computer lab and let the students finish the game. The students don’t only enjoy the game, but also there is fun reading material they have to finish. Also, they can print out their certificates to show their achievements.

2. Poptropica

Do you remember Jeff Kinney, the author of Diary of a Wimpy Kid? He created an adventure game called Poptropica. Your students will come into the virtual world and explore many islands of Poptropica. Through the storyline, the player will know some facts about the history and other information. Problem-solving skill is something that will be learned here. Because they have to solve a unique mystery and find the answer.

3. Funbrain

This game can be given for a student at preschool until grade 8. There are a lot of interactive games to boost skills in math and language. This game is more fun because they can read popular kids’ books, such as Amelia Writes Again, Brewster Rocket, and many more. Until now, this game is still developed to give more and more fun activities.


This game is suitable for an elementary student to learn math and language art. You don’t have to question this game anymore because all the contents inside already approved by teachers and educational practitioners. Also, some trusted parties are contributed here, such as Apple, Fox News, until The New York Times.

5. Sheppard Software

This game was Brad Sheppard’s creation. Sheppard Software allows you to access hundreds of online educational games and materials. Surprisingly, those are free for everyone. You can choose the game based on various categories. So it eases teachers and parents to introduce one subject. All games inside gain the kids’ curiosity and challenge.

In this era, all teachers, parents, and educational practitioners should be open to all opportunities, including the usage of the online game. Playing games doesn’t only make the kids become more creative, but also upgrading their skills in a fun way. Games online for school are good to try. It is worth it as the ice-breaking to make learning process keeps interesting.