Kids always love to play. Thus, a game becomes one of the popular learning media nowadays, including online games. During the time, many app developers interest in improving games for education. As one of the important skills, language game is the most downloaded game by parents. It is due to the support of their kids’ communication ability. Because, through the game, kids won’t feel like in serious learning time. They are joining indirectly in a fun way. If you want the same thing to your kids, see the games online for 3 years old below for learning English.

Games online for 3 years old

Actually, language skills have been started since the kids were baby. When they were babbling, it shows how they express their feeling. As they grow up, they start to know one and two words until they are able to repeat what the adults say. At the age of 3, they should be able to say their name, answer a simple question, more vocabularies, and tell a story simply. In order to boost their capability, here are the games online for 3 years old that good for them:

1. Hangman

Upgrade your kid’s vocabulary by guessing the words. Ask them to mention a certain letter to complete the blank part. This game allows two players which the first player will think about the word, then the second player has to guess the word before a man is hung. Yes, that is why this game called “Hangman”. Once you are failed to fulfill the blank, the man will be hung.

2. Spelling Game

It is a simple media to learn food, animal, and vehicle words. Your kids’ will learn how to speak the word well, but also their vocabulary will be upgraded and various. More than that, your kids will be more familiar with everything is around them. It starts with colors, fruit, vegetables, and many more. As the parents, you can help your kids by using the hint option.

3. Lingokids

This is the educational app with Oxford content standards. This game is proper for kids from the age of 2 until 8 years. Lingokids has been developed by professional, so every new and difficult word will be introduced in a fun way. Instead of you are worrying about the kids on their gadgets, just let them play this interactive game to get better pronunciation and spelling in English.

4. First Words for Baby

Introduce new words to your kids through animations and real sounds. There are more than hundreds of popular words here to learn. Actually, you can give this game starts from their first year. But, they probably will understand the baby book story when they reach the age of 2.

5. Baby First Words Flashcards

Kids love to see interesting visuals, so, encourage them to learn English through interesting visuals in Baby First Words Flashcards online game. The visual shows animals, vegetables, toys, tableware, and many more. Surprisingly, this game is not only for English. There are other languages, such as Italian, German, French, Korean, Japanese, and Chinese.

Those games online for 3 years old above are worth to try. Once your kids know the gadget, that is time to turn your smartphone or tablet into something educative. Indeed, gadget causes worry in some parents due to the addiction. But, if your kids learn something new and useful, then everything will be okay.