Chess is a game to sharpen the brain. Players must develop strategies to win the game. Along with the changing times, chess games are not only played directly with the board. Many game companies make chess game innovations with a touch of animation. The following is a chess game with animation that fun and exciting.

1. Battle Chess

In 1988, Interplay Entertainment created a game with a chess theme called Battle Chess. This game is quite unique because every character in this chess will fight each other when capturing opponents. The rules of the game are still the same as traditional chess games so that players still have to set strategies to win the game.

Interplay Entertainment Company also made sequels to this game including Battle Chess: Game of Kings for the PC version, Battle Chess II: Chinese Chess, and Battle Chess: Game of Kings part 3. Therefore, Battle Chess becomes one of the chess game with animation that inspires other chess animation games.

2. Star Wars Chess

In 1993, The Software Toolworks made a chessboard game with a Star Wars theme. This game also has the same gameplay as the classic chess game. It’s just that this game uses characters in the Star Wars movie to fight.

Mindscape published this game in 3 versions, namely for MS-DOs, Windows 3.x, and Sega CD. Surely this game is quite liked by Star Wars movie fans. Now this game can be played online and it’s free.

3. Auto Chess

The next chess game with animation is auto chess. Drodo Studio developed this game and released it in January 2019. This game is a strategy game with a chess theme. The characters in this game are very funny that will attract the attention of players.

This PC game can be played online with 8 other players. Of course, players can experience playing chess with friends directly. This game is available for several platforms such as Microsoft Windows, Linux, and Macintosh.

4. Chess Rush

This game is specifically made for the Android platform. Tencent games published this game in 2019 and have only just entered the game world.The rules are the same as traditional chess games except that each character has their own strengths and weaknesses.

Players also have to adjust the strength of their character to be able to win the game. This game has an adorable Shiba Inu icon. But the other characters are strong and stout monsters. To play this game simply download it in the Playstore. Chess Rush is one of the most popular chess game with animation.

5. Battle Vs Chess

The next chess game is Battle vs Chess. This game combines battles using chess. TopWare Interactive and Targen Games released this game on May 17, 2011.

Battle vs Chess can be played on several platforms such as the Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows, Nintendo DS, Playstation Portable and Wii in Europe. Same with other chess game animations, this game has its own unique character.

Those are some of the most popular chess game with animation. Each game makes its own distinctive character to be more remembered by players. Of course, this game will make chess fun and interesting game.