People sometimes need games to get rid of fatigue. However, if you are not very good at playing games, you can play quiz games. This game is very easy to play and can hone your skills and intelligence. The following are some of the best online quiz games for Android.

1. HQ Trivia

The first quiz game is HQ Trivia. This game is almost similar to quiz games in general. HQ Trivia has a host that will ask you questions based on the allotted time. In addition, you can get prize money if you win the quiz even though the amount is not large.

2. Logo Game

The next one from the best online quiz games for Android list is the Logo Game. This game is suitable you can play to hone the extent to which you are familiar with about 2000 existing logos. This game is very relaxing so you can play it in your free time.

3. 94%

This game is one of the fun quizzes because you will guess a scenario. As the name implies, in this game you will be given a situation. Then you should be able to guess 94% of the things related to the situation. The developers of this game always develop this game so that it has more than hundreds of levels.

4. Quiz For Your Friend

The next interesting quiz game is a Quiz for Your Friend. As the name implies, you will create several questions to your liking. That can be about a favorite place, favorite tv show, or food that suits your interests. When finished, you can send the quiz to some of your friends.

5. QuizUp

One of best online quiz games for Android is QuizUp. This game will be very suitable for those of you who like competition. You can play it with some of your friends to find out how far you can compete. In this game, you will get points if you can answer the fastest from others.

6. DK Quiz

Almost the same as a quiz game in general, the DK quiz is a fun quiz game. Because this game will hone the competition, there are more than 100 levels that you must complete. In addition, this DK quiz has a ranking board so you can see for yourself how your playing abilities are.

7. Trivia 360

This Trivia 360 is one fun quiz game because this game combines some of the most fun aspects into one. This game contains several questions or puzzles that will tease your brain. In addition, by playing this 360 trivia game, your memory will be tested on some knowledge that is usually learned in elementary school.

8. Quizoid

As one of the best online quiz games for Android, Quizoid has more than 7,000 questions. Of course, these questions will hone your ability to think. This Quizoid has 3 game modes including dynamic or classic, 20 questions and arcade. If that option is still lacking, you can upgrade the game to be able to answer 3,000 additional questions and there are additional hints.

That was 8 quiz games that can be played online. Quiz games will indeed be more exciting if played online or together with friends. That way, you will better know the extent of your ability to answer questions in the game.